Silent Partner Media is not a traditional marketing agency and our office “environment” reflects that. 


“For 20 years I worked for a fortune 100 company who wanted to be on the cutting edge of everything and try as they might they couldn’t and still can’t embrace the working environment of today”  Neil Spoonhower, Principle, “I wasn’t going to let Silent Partner Media fall into that trap, it’s too limiting.”

Brennan envisioned a company where she could build the best team possible and not be tied to geography or traditional work hours and that’s what we’ve done. While we have a brick and mortar office for our people that prefer that traditional work environment and to have a common place we come together for face to face quality time, the majority of our team works flexible schedules and locations.

Our Offices…

  • Enable us to get the best people and allows them to max contribute around their lives, making Silent Partner Media an important part of their life, not the center of it.
  • Allow us to align to our core value of meeting our customers where they are.
  • Have all the most up to date tools not just for the office of today, but the office of tomorrow.
  • Let’s be real, keeps our costs down to pass the savings to our clients.
  • Work for us, so we can work best for you!



Silent Partner Media helped Call Federal grow brand awareness, loans and new accounts. Acting as true partners along the way. They gave valuable input on copy and creative during campaigns. We would also talk through our overall marketing plan and they helped us use media to get the most from all our efforts.

Cara Clements
Director of Marketing for
Call Federal Credit Union


2986 Willow Trace Lane
Sandy Hook, VA 23153

3781 Westerre Parkway Suite C
Richmond VA 23233




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