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I didn't realize how much science there was to advertising. The team at Silent Partner Media really took a lot of the worry out the equation. Their suite of tools was not only impressive, it made me confident we were spending our advertising dollars the right way.

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Your advertising plan is only as good as the marketing research that goes into creating it.  At SPM we pride ourselves in partnering with you to understand your business, your team, your customers and what speaks to them. We put all that knowledge to work and find creative ways to get your message in front of the right audience. We invest heavily in the most up-to-date research tools to develop superior marketing plans so that you can be sure your advertising dollars bring you the highest return on your investment.

We invest in the best tools to ensure our clients see the best results. Our exhaustive research takes the guess work out of preparing our marketing strategy. There are a lot of advertising agencies to choose from make sure you choose one that backs up their recommendations with solid data. Silent Partner Media prides itself on helping their clients make educated decisions on how to spend their advertising budget.

Without Great Research You're Leaving Too Much To Chance

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The Who

The Where

The How Often

When asking the question, "Who's your customer?" we have to look at it from two distinct points of view. Who do you believe your customer is? Who do you want your customers to be? Let's find them together!


You know your target audience and their demographics. No? Then maybe think about backing up a step and read "The Who" first. Are we good? Great! So we're assuming you know your target audience, and their demographics are defined. Now we put our research to work to tell us where they are. Truth be told, they're not always where we think they are. Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!!


Having the expertise to know who the target audience is, where to find them, and how often they will need to see your ad separates the good advertising agencies from the greats. You heard it as the number one complaint from consumers, but you've probably experienced it yourself. Statements like "I am so sick of seeing that ad.", "I can't stand to go on my Facebook page because it's all ads." or "I don't want them knowing all that information about me so that they can send me ads I don't want." Here's a little Silent Partner Media secret we'll share for free: "WE COMPLETELY AGREE."  <And the perfect number is....>


One of the biggest mistakes we see advertising agencies making is shortcutting their research. You won't find Silent Partner Media making that mistake.


Because we know that your marketing dollars are precious and we treat them like our own.

We take the time and effort in to have the most confidence possible in the strategy we recommend. That's why we always hit the bullseye.

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