In advertising, we often replace the word "customer" with the phrase "target audience." Simply put, translates to, who do you want to see your message. While not a trick question, we find the answer is not always as apparent as business owners think. A right advertising agency will listen carefully to a client to understand their articulation of the target audience. Like Silent Partner Media, a great advertising agency uses powerful marketing tools to confirm the client's beliefs. There are times when the tools may tell a different story. When this happens, we work with the advertiser to agree upon the actual target audience for that specific marketing campaign.

We will work with you and implement our research tools to understand the answers to some essential questions:

1) What is the current state of your brand?

2) What is the quality of your product or service?

3) What is the level of competition?

4) How unique is your product or service?

5) Is your product or service "a need" or "a want"?

Who do you want your customers to be?

Many advertisers approach an advertising agency like Silent Partner Media because they want to expand their target audience. Maybe they've saturated the current base. Perhaps they feel their products or services would be beneficial to a different demographic. It could be as simple as expanding into a new territory. Whatever the reason, working with a talented advertising agency can save you time and money. Take this recent example.

An iconic ice cream shop in Richmond VA wanted to break into the Virginia Beach market. Their brand awareness and market saturation were so powerful; they did very little advertising in Richmond. They realized this brand and reputation meant little to the target audience in Virginia Beach. When they partnered with Silent Partner Media, we were able to provide them with research on the market, an exhaustive list of demographic indicators, and a real understanding of who we wanted to see their message. And while we only worked with them on their summer launch of the new store, we set them up for year-round success by providing this information for on and off vacation seasons.

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