What Frequency of Message Do You Need

Knowing how often someone needs to see your ad isn’t just right for your brand, it’s critical for your budget.

Silent Partner Media uses powerful research tools to understand where you are with your brand and goals. We take that information and determine how frequently a consumer should see your ad. Then, we plan accordingly.

We will work with you and implement our research tools to understand the answers to some essential questions:

1) What is the current state of your brand?

2) What is the quality of your product or service?

3) What is the level of competition?

4) How unique is your product or service?

5) Is your product or service “a need” or “a want”?

Once we have the answers to all these questions, we formulate our advertising strategy. We will put caps on the frequency that people see our digital and social media ads. We strictly monitor social media insights during our ad campaign to ensure our ads are being well received. If we don’t think we’re getting the frequency, we will adjust our strategy to ensure we hit our goals.

Having the right reach and frequency combination gives our customers the confidence to know we are good stewards of their advertising dollars. Why not give us a call to find out if Silent Partner Media is the advertising partner for you.

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