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Finding Your Customers

Remember when you were a kid and used to play hide and seek with a whole group of kids? Did you know the one player who always chose the same hiding spot every time? Maybe it was you. You had such a good spot, you knew how to get quickly from there to home base, and it was...well, routine.


That's similar to how target audiences were up through the millennium. They drove the same routes 95% of the time. They read the same papers and magazines. Most importantly, they were sure to be home and parked on their couch to catch their favorite TV shows. Advertising agencies had it pretty easy. Technology, for the most part, stayed the same. You knew where people were and how to get your message in front of them.

Fast forward to today and technology, and consumer behavior is continually changing. There are so many complex and emerging media channels that it takes an advertising agency like Silent Partner Media to keep up. We believe that being up to date on new and emerging media is a significant differentiator. So much so that we have a dedicated person on our team that specializes in meeting with media partners. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry allows our marketing strategies to evaluate every media channel available and ensures we are developing the most comprehensive media plans.

Our media research allows us to allocate your media dollars best to give us the best reach across channels. You may be surprised to know that while our media buying was primarily focused on the Central Virginia markets, we bought advertising from over 125 media partners. If our clients were viewing it, we had their message there.

Knowing where they are is critical, and knowing how often a potential customer needs to see your ad is equally important.

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